Employee Referral Program

Our program provides for the following employee referral incentives:

  • All open positions have a referral associated with them. Please send your referral with your name attached to it OR request your referred candidate to send over their information mentioning that they are referred by you.
  • Certain important positions may warrant a higher referral than others. These particular positions will be advertised on our website.
  • We will accept referral directly on our social media links. Your referrals do not have to come in through our website only. Referrals will be accepted via email, our website links, and social media links.
  • Second, third and further referrals will get increasingly higher incentives. Please contact our HR Department to find out how that program could benefit from it.
  • Referrals from global employees may be considered for higher incentives. If you are referring candidates that are outside of your own work location, you would like to mention that to the recruiter in charge of the position.
  • You may have a particular lead that there is a possibility to draw potential candidates from a certain out-placement capacity at a company that is reducing their technical resources due to a lay-off or a project termination. If you recommend the company to us and we get employees hired from that company, we would provide a certain incentive. Discuss with our HR how this program would work for you.
  • Successful qualified "Diversity" "employee referrals" will draw higher incentives.
  • Moxie regularly conducts "Referral" events. Potential employees that are recommended to these events would get the same normal incentives.
  • Our suppliers and consultants who may not be our direct employees are also eligible for our "employee referral programs".
Moxie also makes the efforts to educate all employees on how this program is conducted. If you have missed the orientation sessions that provide information on our "Employee Referral" program, please connect with your HR representative.

Moxie also pays your "employee referral" bonus towards your favorite charity. If you are making this type of contribution, you will be entitled to a tax benefit on the amount paid.

A new program is in the works where Moxie employees will be paid a smaller bonus for just introducing a candidate to our recruiters. Even if the candidate is not selected at the end, but if they are qualified and processed into an interview schedule, we are looking to pay a bonus. This bonus would not be as much as the bonus paid for the hire, but it would still be substantial enough to make it lucrative for you to provide leads to our HR team.

Please contact our HR Department for more details on all our programs with regards to "Employee Referrals". This is a large and important program that has run very successfully for us and we pay a lot of attention to making it work smoothly for all concerned. We value your inputs and look forward to hearing from you.