Extract, Transfer and Load (ETL)

SQL Server Integration Services

Moxie has built this ETL practice growing from the older versions of DTS (Data Transformation Services) all the way to the latest versions of SSIS.

Some of the projects we have helped our clients with, include:

  • Transferring data from OLTP databases to company’s data warehouse through a staging area, while using various SSIS tasks such as Conditional Split, Derived Column, and Data Validation Checks
  • Developing and deploying data transfers packages to their appropriate destinations.
  • Creating SQL Server configurations for SSIS packages and created Jobs, Alerts, SQL Mail Agent, and scheduling those SSIS Packages
  • Migrating and modifying all DTS packages to SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) accordingly using advanced SSIS features.
  • Extracting data from Oracle and migrated data from various sources (text based files, Excel spreadsheets, and Access) into SQL Server 2005 SSIS
  • Helping clients transferring packages using SSIS on to production Server.
  • Designing SSIS Packages to transfer data between servers and archived data file from different DBMSs using SQL Enterprise Manager/SSMS on SQL Server 2000/2005 environment, and deploying the data.
  • Using Event Handlers for Exception Handling in SSIS packages.


Our ETL Engineers have designed and developed Enterprise data warehouse systems in a Service Oriented Architecture approach and cloud applications using Informatica

We have utilized, consumed and deployed all modules of Informatica including:

  • Informatica Power Center 9.0/8.6/8.5/8.1.1/7.1.3/7.1.1/7.0/6.2/6.1
  • Informatica PowerMart 6.2/6.1/5.1.2/5.1.1/4.7
  • Power Connect
  • Power Plug
  • Designer 8.x for creating Reusable Transformations and Mappings
  • Workflow Manager for processing tasks
  • Power Exchange (PWX) 8.x
Within Informatica Power Center Designer we have utilized all modules including:
  • Repository Manager
  • Source Analyzer
  • Warehouse Designer
  • Transformation Developer
  • Mapping Designer
  • Mapplet Designer and
  • Workflow Monitor
We also bring extensive experience interacting with Informatica Data Explorer (IDE), and Informatica Data Quality (IDQ)

Along with Informatica, we also bring project resources in Teradata including load utilities like FastLoad, MLoad & TPump to populate data into Teradata tables. In this project, the load ready files were loaded into Teradata Tables using Teradata ODBC/Fastload, Multiload connection.

Oracle Warehouse Builder

Moxie’s OWB experience covers versions 9 through 11g.

Our project work has been in:

  • Migrating ETL routines from 11g R1 to 11gR2 OWB environment.
  • Creating and designing reports which query OWB repository tables to see error logs that are recorded.
  • Using OWB Data Quality functionality for data profiling, data cleansing, address standardization, and matching.
  • Analyzing business processes and created data migration document focus on OWB DQ specific.
  • After designing staging data models, we created data and design standards for OWB/ETL, and performed DQ designs and developments.
  • Also, outlined OWB architecture design framework, and designed high level OWB interface with Siebel/Oracle UCM and CRM.