Cloud and Infrastructure

The main goal of ‘cloud computing’ is that instead of being stored on local hard drives or network servers, data and applications can be stored on a remote host that can be accessed at any time, from any location, using the Internet and a simple web browser. That easy ability to interact with your data and applications is tremendous, in terms of time (speed) and space (location of user)

Advantages to Companies:

  • Network and Storage equipment and software is expensive. Repair and maintenance can make it difficult on the cash-to-benefit ratio. ‘Cloud’ provides a viable internet-based operation that is inexpensive in comparison.
  • Instead of buying in bulk in anticipation of demand, you only have to pay for what you use. This luxury allows you to ramp up and down whenever you need and how much ever you need. You don’t need to keep buying and selling servers now.
  • ‘Cloud’ is a blessing for remote employees because they can be anywhere, and on any device (mobile, pc, ipad), and still perform efficiently with close to ‘zero’ downtime.
  • These efficiencies are transferred to clients as well through the ‘Cloud’. Your customers have access to you and your product more easily and quickly especially when there are changes to be addressed.
  • Contrary to the theory that you lose control of your data, Security actually increases due to the centralization of your data. Instead of having data in disparate parts and in different locations, not it all in one location, accessed by every one of the stake-holders of the organization.
Moxie works extensively with the following ‘Cloud’ technologies:
  • Microsoft – Azure is a leading ‘cloud platform’. Moxie, and its clientele, uses Azure for application storage and deployments. It has provided excellent space and service to us since its inception.
  • Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud (EC2) and its simple storage solution
  • Rackspace, which offers managed hosting as well as CloudServers for on-demand computer servers, and CloudFiles for storage
  • And Google Cloud

Additionally, there are number of other smaller platforms and peripherals that make up ‘cloud computing’ including Cisco Networks and VMWare Storage and Virtualization. These are essential knowledge that Moxie brings in because different clients need different solutions, and sometimes client have existing solutions that they wish to enhance but not change. We adapt to what the client needs and deliver accordingly.

One area where we have worked extensively with ‘cloud’ solutions is in the Healthcare Sector.

Most key concern has always been this idea that ‘patient data’ is floating away and is too accessible to anyone; but, in addition to being a ‘no risk’ operation, cloud technology offers the healthcare industry considerable benefits.

  • The ability to analyse and make information into decision-making plans helps providers pinpoint systemic improvements in care processes and measure their effectiveness and value add. Providers work with health plans to integrate with analytical engines such as HEDIS, which provide industry-standard best practice metrics for measuring a person's health, providers will be able to more thoroughly evaluate a person's health experience.
  • Cloud provides quick implementation and even quicker results. A cloud-based approach provides hospitals with a winning combination of rapid implementation, minimal learning curve for providers, and immediate access to analytics that provided valuable insight into operations. Moxie will make sure that the time from contract signing to go-live for EHR implementations will be at record-speed. With no local hardware to install or manage; the learning curve for physician users is quick and effective because of the cloud-based, intuitive web user interface.
  • Our ‘Cloud Solutions’ have helped care-givers improve care coordination because employees at healthcare systems will have real-time access to patients' clinical data across providers. Our ‘cloud solutions’ have helped healthcare systems with the ability to advance care coordination and improve business analytics, which leads to improved delivery of care across healthcare communities.
  • Software becomes less expensive. Remote servers not owned by a hospital, enables hospitals to purchase their software as a metered service, rather than as a fixed cost, enabling more cost-effective infrastructure.
  • Costs on buying, building and maintaining infrastructure becomes a non-issue, so do migrations, upgrades, failures, etc.
  • Usage of ‘private clouds’ is safe and scalable. Providers gain a lot of security for their data and their interactions and interchanges.
  • Moxie provides solid ‘Backup and Recovery’ features through its ‘cloud solutions’. This provides assurance to our clients that their data is safe and never lost, let alone tampered with. The recovery speed on ‘cloud’ is also quick and almost seamless. Users would not even realize that there has been much down-time.
These benefits of ‘cloud computing’ can be translated to other industries as well. Moxie will be happy to make a detailed presentation of the same.