Custom Software Development

With Moxie, you get a long-term reliable partner that would help you achieve what you envision with technology, whether it is to make your business more competitive, or for it to display a business advantage over others.

Our involvement in your ‘software development’ could include:

  • Customizations for your existing software applications or products
  • Enhancements for your software product
  • Repairs/Fixes/Upgrades for a software product that is already in the market
  • New development for the product that is conceptualized
All this with:
  • Highest Quality
  • Lowest Cost
  • Absolute Control
  • Complete Trust and Transparency
  • Easy Reciprocative Understanding
  • Faster Time-To-Market
  • Longer Reliability

Additionally, the teams involved in building this growth are there to grow with you. Scalability is never a problem with Moxie. If it is more resources needed for a) faster reaction time, and/or b) to keep up with more new work, then Moxie is the place you would want to shop.

Our technical prowess spans multiple technologies and multiple industries, and can be reviewed in other sections of this site.



Project Management Strong Control on Time, Budget, and Scope
Requirements Gathering Solid Scope Documentation
Architecture Convert Concept to Tangible Product through superior design
Change Management Ability to resolve scope-creep with the right intention of better results
Development The right team of hands-on technologists
Quality Assurance Testing at various levels - Unit, Regression, UAT, etc.
Knowledge Transfer Training and Support Documentation
Maintenance Please review our "Software Maintenance" section

Different types of projects that we have achieved success with:

  • Web development - E-commerce, Financial Trading, Social Networking, and Healthcare Claims engines.
  • Desktop application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Embedded systems and other RTOS and Kernel-level Programming
  • SaaS solutions development
  • SOA Architecture
  • EAI, Middleware Management
  • Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing
  • and much more
Please contact Moxie for more information above our “custom software” delivery mechanisms.