Recruiting Services

Like many other companies in this space, Moxie recruits for the below types of positions for its clients:

  • Contract - Direct with Clients
  • Contract-To-Hire - Direct with Clients

Our "Account Managers" would liaise with your Technical Hiring Managers and/or your HR Team who would be in-charge of the requirements.

  • Contract - Through a "Managed Service Provider" to the Client
  • Contract-To-Hire - Through a "Managed Service Provider" to the Client

Our "Account Managers" would liaise with your Procurement Directors who would be our vendor-sponsors, and/or with the Procurement Managers from the MSP-side.

PERMANENT Full-Time Placements

Again, our "Account Managers" would liaise with your Technical Hiring Managers and/or your HR Team who would be in-charge of the requirements.

Unlike many other companies in this space, Moxie offers certain unique advantages beneficial to you:

    a) Firstly, and most importantly, we have supported other clients local to your locations of work. Our offices are based in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, but we span our coverage of candidate-delivery across the US and cross-border as well. We are confident that you could consider us a company that can recruit locally and deliver globally.

    b) Secondly, our technology strengths will show that we are a niche and boutique technical staffing department, Our services align themselves to your success. So our network of consultants is built, nurtured and maintained around your needs.

    c) We provide a double protection of time-saving interview mechanisms. One is that our recruiters are firstly from Computer Science and Engineering backgrounds, so our ability to deliver on complex requirements is evident. Secondly, we use our existing technical consultants to screen out what our technical recruiters have filtered. These two filters generate a solid submittal which isn't just a resume, but a candidate who you will enjoy interviewing and potentially giving a job to. Your time, and ours, is precious and we have no need to waste it with "bad" resumes.

    d) Our internal technically-qualified team is involved in the hiring process, so the candidates you receive have our stamp of approval. Your interviewing process is made easy as we will provide you our own technical-interview notes on the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses based on your position. We also take responsibility for the candidates’ delivery of work. Our job doesn’t end just because we filled a position. We make sure the candidate consistently does the necessary job at hand. The candidates that we send don't come as just paper-submittals, but as well-informed and technically sound resources that are aligned to your roles.

    e) Our promise on ‘Fit’ & ‘Price’ is our most important goal for you, and you will be very interested in our price offerings. You will not get better pricing. We pledge to beat any price that has been logically quoted, with the most proficient level of quality. How can we be so confident about price? Because most of our candidates are our own W2 Employees. We avoid sub-contracting our work. Our client have effectively saved 20% to 30% of cost by working directly with us, rather than having layers between us. We will also commit to transparency on the candidate's "pay rate" and our "bill rate".

    f) Visa/Green-Card Sponsorship and Pay-Rollee services are immediately available. If you need candidates to work on contract through us, they will not find a better employer. We would be happy to provide references from our long-term W2 Employee/Consultants as well as the clients they have worked with.

    g) Three more factors of immediate importance:

      (i) Speed: Our technical recruiting team will understand the requirements faster, because we all come from a ‘computer science’ background ourselves. We were technology-people in our earlier career and our ability to drill-down on the requirement and our ability to qualify a candidate goes not just at Level-1 recruiting but all the way deep to Level-3. When we say 360-degree recruiting, we don't only mean in the subjective-layer but also in the technical-layer.

      (ii) Accuracy: Because of our technical skills, we can submit truly 360-degree closed candidates. It’s not just a ‘shot-in-the-dark’ approach. When we submit candidates, you will see it in our recruiter’s submission-notes how accurate our closure is.

      (iii) Volume: we understand that hires don’t happen with one resume. We have to generate a volume of resumes because the managers have many positions and we must deliver on all of them. You will see our ratios of “submittals to interviews to offers to starts” will all be very high.

      (iv) Price: Our cost overheads are very low. We are a small, agile company. We promise to abide by your fixed-spread policies, if you would need us to. You will see us consistently under the rate-card because we can still make a profit by keeping our overheads low. You cannot get a better combination of quality and price.

      (v) We cover all the necessary insurances that most companies require. We work with some of the nations largest financial/hedge fund organizations, and also with different departments of the federal and state-level governments. Our insurances are up-to their mark and we can make it favorable to you as well.

      (vi) If it does matter to your organization, we are a ‘Minority-Owned’ Business.

We would like you to peruse our Industries segment to see the different types of projects we have accomplished with the help of our Consultants. Please email/call us, if you have more questions that we can address about these services.